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Handyman Services in Kensington

We are happy to offer a range of Handyman services in and around the Kensington area. We pride ourselves in offering good value services that are delivered by experienced handymen of many specialities.

Our services include but are not limited to:

tv wall mounting fulham

TV Wall Mounting Services

We are happy to offer TV Wall mounting services in Kensington, always ensuring that your flat-screen TV is handled with care and mounted safely on the wall.

Our handyman will ensure that the bracket supporting your TV is firmly attached and strong enough to support the weight of the device. Please refer to our cost calculator to check estimated costs according to your screen size.

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Home Maintenance Service

A good handyman service offers a broad range of work – from lighting and curtain poles and furniture dismantling and door repair. This makes us ideal for general handyman services in Kensington.

mirror wall mounting kensington

Mirror Wall Mounting Services

You bought a nice mirror but it’s still leaning against the wall? Getting the mirror up on the wall could be a tricky challenge.

West Handyman is available and ready to assist you with your mirror wall mounting in the Fulham area. You can use our calculator to estimate the cost of our services. 

Why hire a handyman to mount your TV onto the wall?

Mounting a TV onto a wall is no easy task, even for someone with the right tools, extra care and research may be needed to get a clean finish. The type of wall you would be mounting your TV to can vary also, if you have a plasterboard wall you might need different wall fittings than those that come with the bracket.

Masonry walls require a powerful drill with the right size drill bits in order to ensure a safe, firm fitting. Our handymen are able to cut out the hard work for you by bringing the tools and professionalism right to your door, making mounting your TV an easier process. 

Do I really need a handyman to mount a mirror on my wall?

Having completed many mirror hanging jobs in the Kensington and Chelsea Borough area, we know how much of a challenge it can be without the experience or tools to do the job well. Depending on the size of your mirror, different wall fixtures may be needed, and some come with no fittings at all as standard – we are able to provide these.

Mirrors measuring under 1 meter can be mounted by one person. However, those larger than 1 meter will require 2 people. We are able to provide an estimate for you, please get in touch.

Our handymen have the experience and know-how to hang your heavy mirrors. We use high-quality tools in order to deliver a quality finish. For those mirrors without fittings provided, don’t worry, we can provide them.

How do I hang my new pictures on my wall?

Most people have hung a small picture at some point before, and although this may be simple it can become a challenge when you have an art or picture set that needs to be spaced out correctly, the same height off the ground, and have a professional-looking finish.

For these more complex jobs, you’re going to need more than just the regular hammer and nail toolset. If you’ve just bought yourself a new art canvas, and there are no fixtures attached, one of our handymen may be the best way to get the clean finish you are looking for. 

Why should you choose West Handyman ?

Easy Availability

Our services are available in and around Kensington.

Flexible Scheduling

7 days a week, early and late bookings can be arranged.

Professionally Trained

Professional handymen team with years of experience in wall mounting and installations.

Fully Managed

We bring our own tools and fixings.

High Quality Work

Strong and sturdy wall mount installations, built to last for years to come.

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