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We have done many framed mirrors, paintings, film posters, TVs, shelves, furniture items, and other jobs in different London homes. Small and big ones. Brick, concrete, and plasterboard walls. We use the right fixings to put up your things safely and securely.

  • We try our best to arrive in time
  • Your Handyman will arrive with the right set of tools
  • Also, we can hang your picture frames on the wall
  • We can help you to mount your mirror on the wall
  • Your Handyman will know how to do it
  • We can provide you with appropriate wall fixings

Hanging Mirror On Wall

Mirror Wall Hanging in London, Mounting a mirror can be a tedious task without the right tools and experience to complete the job safely. If you’ve just moved house and have purchased a new mirror, or have an old one leaning against a wall, it may be best to bring in the professionals. You might have an idea of where you want to put your mirror, but you don’t know which fixings to use in order to get a clean finish without causing damage to your property. Or, you may have tried to mount the mirror yourself already, and have caused some damage to your wall. 

None of these things is a problem for our professional handymen who will, without judgment, make sure your mirror is hung in your desired place, safely and securely

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London Mirror Hanging Service

Whether it’s hanging a heavy mirror or an art piece, our London Handyman services have left many people satisfied. We come with the right tools, friendly attitude, and experience to get your mirror hung to last. To see some of our previous jobs that left clients happy, take a look at the images above.

Hanging Heavy Mirror On Drywall (Plasterboard Wall)

If you’re living in a newly build house, or your house has been recently renovated, it can be easy to dismiss the challenge of hanging a heavy mirror on a plasterboard wall. For most people, this can be quite tough to complete without damaging walls or worse. Our handymen are able to help you complete this often tricky task with ease and professionalism.

Size Matters

The size of your mirror is an important detail that we will need to know. For safety and efficiency :

Mirror Wall Mounting Calculator

For ease of use, we have set up a calculator on the right side of the page, that will instantly tell you the price estimate for hanging your mirror. 

Our professional handymen are able to cover London, inside our coverage area. If you live outside of this area, a £3 per mile travel charge will be added to your final bill, from SW6 to your address.


Yes, we have the right tools and experience to do it.

Yes, in most cases it can be done. We use special fixings and techniques to mount mirrors and TVs on plasterboard walls.

It depends on the size of your mirror and your property walls. In most cases it does not take more than 1.5 hours.

We can serve you, but a travel charge will be added to your final bill. The travel charge will be calculated as £4 per mile from SW6 1BY  to your postcode.

Yes, you can if you feel confident with it. But due to safety reasons we are not able to accept your help for any mirrors (picture frames and art pieces) over 130cm.

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