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Creating a Child-Friendly Reading Corner with IKEA MOSSLANDA Picture Ledges as Bookshelves

At West Handyman, we recently had the pleasure of installing three IKEA MOSSLANDA shelves for a client’s nursery. These shelves are perfect for displaying books within easy reach for preschool-aged children, encouraging them to pick up and put away their favourite stories independently. Here’s how you can replicate this setup in your own home, with some practical tips to ensure safety and stability.

Tools and Materials You’ll Need

  1. Drill: Essential for making precise holes in the wall.
  2. Level: To ensure your shelves are perfectly horizontal.
  3. Screwdriver: For securing the screws into place.
  4. Wall Anchors and Screws: Choose appropriate types based on your wall material (e.g., plasterboard, brick, or concrete).
  5. Pencil: For marking the positions of the holes.
  6. Stud Finder: To locate studs and avoid electrical wires or plumbing pipes.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Planning the Layout:
    • Decide on the height of the shelves. For young children, the bottom shelf should be low enough for them to reach comfortably.
    • Use a pencil to mark the positions of the shelves on the wall.
  2. Checking for Wires and Pipes:
    • Before drilling, it’s crucial to ensure there are no electrical wires or plumbing pipes behind the wall. Use a stud finder with a wire detection feature or consult the building plans if available.
  3. Installing the Shelves:
    • Mark the Drill Points: Place the shelf against the wall and use a level to ensure it’s straight. Mark the positions for the screws through the pre-drilled holes in the shelf.
    • Drill Holes: Using the correct drill bit for your wall type, carefully drill the holes at the marked points.
    • Insert Wall Anchors: For plasterboard walls, use appropriate wall anchors to ensure a secure hold. For brick or concrete walls, use masonry anchors.
    • Attach the Shelf: Align the shelf with the drilled holes and secure it using screws. Tighten the screws with a screwdriver, ensuring the shelf is firmly attached.
  4. Safety Considerations:
    • Stability: Make sure the shelves are securely fixed to prevent them from tipping or pulling away from the wall. This is particularly important in a child’s room where safety is essential.
    • Weight Limit: Be mindful of the weight limit for each shelf. Although they are sturdy, overloading can cause them to fail. Regularly check the stability and condition of the shelves.

By carefully planning and securely installing the IKEA MOSSLANDA display shelves, you can create a delightful and safe reading corner for your child. These low-mounted shelves not only foster a love of reading but also encourage independence in tidying up their books. Remember, a well-secured shelf not only keeps books organized but also ensures your child’s safety in their playful environment. Happy DIY-ing!


Mounting IKEA bookshelves Transforming Spaces, Three Shelves at a Time! 🔨

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