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Picture Rails: A Superior Alternative to Traditional Picture Hanging

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West Handyman recently installed picture rails for a client, and they loved the results. Picture rails offer a simple and flexible way to hang your pictures and artwork. Here’s why picture rails are a great alternative to traditional methods.

What Are Picture Rails?

Picture rails are horizontal strips mounted on walls, usually a few inches below the ceiling. They come with hooks and cords that let you hang and adjust your pictures easily.

Why Picture Rails Are Better

1. Easy to Rearrange

Picture rails make it easy to change your artwork’s arrangement. Unlike nails or screws, which leave holes and require precise measurements, picture rails let you move your pictures around without any hassle. Just slide the hooks along the rail to adjust the position or add new pictures.

2. Protect Your Walls

Using nails or adhesives can damage your walls over time. Picture rails prevent this by keeping all attachment points on the rail, so your walls stay clean and hole-free, even if you change your pictures often.

3. Look Good

Picture rails add a touch of style to any room. They offer a clean and elegant look that fits any decor, whether modern or traditional. Plus, you can easily switch out artwork to keep your space looking fresh.

4. Perfect Height

Finding the right height for your pictures can be tough with traditional methods. Picture rails let you adjust the height easily, ensuring your artwork is always displayed perfectly. This is great for creating balanced gallery walls or hanging pieces of different sizes.

5. Safer Option

For homes with kids or pets, safety is key. Picture rails reduce the risk of accidents from falling frames. The artwork is securely hung from the rail, making it less likely to be knocked off the wall compared to pictures hung with nails or hooks.


Switching to picture rails from traditional hanging methods makes decorating easier and more flexible. With picture rails, you get to protect your walls, enjoy a stylish look, adjust your artwork’s height, and ensure safety in your home.

Ready to upgrade your wall decor? West Handyman offers picture rail installation and enjoy a better way to display your favorite pieces!


Mounting picture rails @westhandyman Ready to slide into a fresh new look? Let’s do this! #hammersmith #handyman #westhandyman #pictures #pictureDecor

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Mounting picture rails – part 2 @westhandyman Ready to slide into a fresh new look? Let’s do this! hammersmith handyman westhandyman pictures pictureDecor

♬ original sound – West Handyman – West Handyman

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