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Shower & Bath re Sealing

Shower & Bath re Sealing

Taking a bath or shower in a clean bathroom gives us one of those “homely” feelings. But when our bath seals become dirty and moldy, it can ruin that feeling of home.

Instead of ignoring the issue and leaving it to worsen, it may be time to call in a London Handyman.

Our team members are able to replace and clean your moldy bath or shower seals with fresh silicone, hassle-free. Leaving your bathroom looking like new.

Although some people with experience may be able to scrape and replace the silicone, most people will find it challenging. If a reseal is done incorrectly, it can cause unwanted damage to your bathroom. For that reason, it’s better left to the experts.

Our professional handyman services can provide bathtub reseal and shower reseal with the best fresh anti-mold silicone.

By working with us, you’ll know you’re in the right place for quality repairs and maintenance. Our team are experienced professionals who will always provide you top class service at an affordable price.


You can! But we don’t recommend DIY repairs unless you have the experience to do so. By attempting to do it yourself you could damage the bath during the process.

If you damage the seal or bath, it could cost you more than a simple handyman service like ours would in the first place.


We’re the best pick in London for shower resealing and bath resealing services. Our professionals will come to your home and ensure that your bath or shower will look as good as new.

Call us today on 020 7118 9989 to schedule your resealing.

By working with our handyman services you will be ensuring your bathtub is clean and ready for use.

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