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Things to consider before mounting your flatscreen TV onto a wall

mounting your flatscreen TV

There are a number of things to know before mounting your flatscreen on a wall. This action, while seemingly simple, can be quite complex and can depend on a multitude of things for success. From the type of wall you have, through to the type of TV mount that is best for your set up. In this blog post we’ll go through the main points and things to consider before mounting your flatscreen TV onto your wall.

Finding the right location for your TV

Whilst this may sound simple, finding the right location in your home to place your TV can prove challenging. You’ll need to consider the size of the TV, ample viewing location, and space in the room when figuring out the future location of your flatscreen TV. 

It’s also always worth asking the opinions of family members or friends as they may see something that you did not, leaving you less likely to move your TV in the future.

Will you need to find room for your other devices?

If you’re like most people, you’ll have a number of other devices that you’re going to want to attach to your TV once it’s set up, and mounted in your desired spot. From Playstations, DvD players, and Sky Boxes, you need to remember to count these in when considering where you want to put your TV and devices. 

It’s important to also remember that all of these devices are going to more than likely need a wired connection, this may come in to part of considering the height, location, accessories you may wish to put with the TV.

How are you going to position your TV?

There are several ways to position your TV within your home or office. Although old fashioned, you may choose to go with the conventional TV stand. Other, more modern alternatives, such as a bench or table compete as a simple choice with a spacious finish.

Alternatively, you could go with the most modern out of the choices and mount your TV on your wall leaving your room looking clean, and sleek. There are a wide range of TV mounting brackets which we will talk about in the next section.

Which height is right for my mounted TV?

It’s always best to retain a height that leaves the center of your TV screen at eye-level when sitting down. On average, the correct height from the floor will be around 42 inches, however, it all depends on your own height from the floor when you are seated.

What are the different types of TV mounting brackets?

When considering which mounting bracket you’re going to want for your TV, you should know that there are three main types.

Take a look at either online retail (such as Amazon, or eBay) or local retail places like B&Q, Screwfix, or Currys so that you can see the various prices of each bracket. 

When it comes to mounting to your wall, you need to ensure that you know which type of wall you’re mounting to. In new builds and houses with plasterboard walls, you may have a hard time mounting a 75 inch flatscreen without the help of professionals and the correct brackets.

However, if you’re mounting to a brick or concrete wall, you will find the process much more simple and will have the freedom of choice when it comes to the type of mount.

The tools and fixings that you’ll need

Finally, you’ll need to make sure you have the right tools to do the job. There are several things to consider to complete the mounting with a clean finish. You will need –

Before starting, please read the instructions, usually, the brackets come with very detailed instructions, keep in mind the studs, pipes, and electric wires to avoid unwanted damage. 

Mounting your TV can be a challenging task, not to mention the steps and precautions outlined on this page. If you’re inside of London and need a TV bracket and wall mounting services, we are on hand to help. 

We operate within but are not limited to London, inside the M25, Kensington, Earls Court, Fulham, Battersea, Wembley, Wandsworth, etc.

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