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Wireless wall lights installation: we share some ideas and tips with you

Installed wire-free wall lights

Have you ever wondered how you can decorate your home and add functionality at the same time? One easy and stylish way to do this is by installing wire-free wall lights. Not only do they add a cosy and atmospheric feel to your interior, but they also help to illuminate areas of the room that were previously in shadow. West Handyman recently installed such lights for one of our clients, and we want to share some ideas and tips with you.

Why choose wirless wall lights?

Wire-free wall lights are a great solution for those who want to add lighting to certain areas of a room without having to run wires. They run on batteries or rechargeable batteries, making installation quick and convenient. With a variety of designs and styles to choose from, you’ll be able to find lights that fit perfectly into your interior.

Preparing for installation of the wirless wall lights

Before installing the lights, it is important to determine where to place them. Pay attention to the light in the room in order to choose the best location. Also make sure that the chosen location allows you to easily replace batteries or recharge the batteries. When starting the installation, make sure you have all the necessary tools: drill, screwdriver, level, etc.

Installing wire-free wall lights
Installing wire-free wall lights

How to install the wireless wall lights 

Start by preparing the surface: make sure the wall is flat and clean.Mark the mounting points for the lights and drill the holes. Fasten the fixings and install the lights. Install the batteries or rechargeable batteries in the lights. Check the performance of the lights.


Installing wire-free wall lights is a great way to add lighting and style to your home. With easy installation and a wide range of designs to choose from, they will not only be a functional element but also a stylish accent to your interior. Follow our tips and get inspired to create cosiness and comfort in your home! 

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