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Collage Photo Frame Wall Hanging in Barons Court, West London

Collage Photo Frame Wall Hanging

Recently, we were tasked with creating a collage photo frame wall hanging in Barons Court, West London. This wall gallery has transformed a simple wall into an eye candy, filled with cherished memories.

The set of frames we used came with a thoughtfully designed layout template and detailed instructions, making it easy to achieve a perfectly balanced look. This template ensured that each photo frame was carefully placed, creating a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Choose Your Frames:
    • Start by selecting a variety of frames in different sizes and styles. You can mix and match materials like wood, metal, or acrylic.
    • Consider frames with different finishes (e.g., rustic, modern, or vintage) to create visual interest.
    • OR buy a pre-made set of frames with ready layout template.
  2. Select Your Photos:
    • Gather your favorite photos. These could be family portraits, travel memories, or artistic shots.
    • Aim for a mix of landscape and portrait orientations to keep the arrangement dynamic.
  3. Plan the Layout:
    • Lay out the frames on the floor or a large table. Experiment with different arrangements until you find one you like.
    • OR use the included template with the set of frames you have bought.
  4. Hang the Frames:
    • Start by hanging the largest frame in the center. This is what everybody will notice first.
    • Work outward, adding frames around the central one. Maintain consistent spacing between frames. Use a level to ensure they hang straight.
    • OR ask West Handyman to do all the dusty work for you.
  5. Personalize It:
    • Include a mix of color and black-and-white photos for visual contrast.
  6. Lighting and Backdrop:
    • Position the frames near natural light sources or add wall sconces (we can do that for you, too) for an elegant touch.
    • Choose a backdrop color that complements your frames and room decor.


Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to create your collage. It’s all about expressing your style and memories.

Enjoy the process of meausuring, leveling and drilling for your Collage Photo Frame Wall Hanging OR ask us to do all this for you and just enjoy the result: new colourful part of your home! 📸🖼️

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